US Patent No.: 7,987,807 B2                                      By Cobe Mikacich

HANGTYTE is the original, and only patented, boat cover suspension system. It prevents water from pooling on your boat cover.
Don't crawl under your cover to set up poles. And don't fall for knock offs that aren't even reinforced. Your cover has a tough job, and it's under a lot of tension. It needs the strong, patented Hangtyte!

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Invented by Wakeboarding Legend, Cobe Mikacich, Hangtyte is designed to make your boating experience more enjoyable. After competing on the Pro Tour for 13 years, operating a successful road tour of clinics and demos across the country through his whole career, and now opening Freedom Wake Park, Cobe knows the "ins and outs" of boating. Boating is Cobe's passion and his mind is always working, coming up with new ways to improve the experience. Just as he would coach a wakeboarder to do a trick better, he invented Hangtyte to make your lake life better.

HANGTYTE is the new way to keep your boat cover pulled tight.  It's the simple solution - so you don't have to use those frustrating poles under the boat cover.  With Hangtyte, you won’t have to crawl under the cover to set it up!  As you roll the cover back, the HangTyte system will already be attached to the cover.  You simply hook the rope over the tower, finish covering the boat, and tighten the adjustable ratchet system with a rope from the side of the boat.
  It is always attached to the cover.  You will never lose it or any parts. Our customers love it! It is the most efficient system to protect your boat and best utilize your cover!