One of the biggest hassles that we deal with in boating is covering and uncovering the boat every time we want to use it. The cover is supposed to protect the boat, keep it clean, dry, and free from mildew. And for the longest time, poles were supposed to tent the cover up from underneath. So as you were covering your boat, you were supposed to crawl under this cover and set up poles and straps. They were super inefficient. They would fall over, or break, or you would lose pieces. Inevitably with that system, boat covers would stretch, sag, pool with rainwater, rip, and let mildew seep into the upholstery.
You need to protect one of you biggest (and most beautiful) investments!

Hangtyte is the only patented boat cover suspension device.
It eliminates the need for poles that have traditionally been used tent boat covers from underneath. Hangtyte can be installed direct from the factory or after market on any boat cover. The rope ratchet system can be looped over a boat's tower or any structure overhead. Once pulled tight, Hangtyte keeps the cover tight, and the inside of your boat dry. It leave no chance for water to pool on your cover or for mildew to damage your boat.

Depending on the size of your vessel, you can use 1, 2, or 3 Hangtyte units.
In our experience, 1 Hangtyte in the cockpit of your boat is perfect for boats 21' and under.
We use 2 Hangtytes (one in the bow, and one in the cockpit) for 22'-23' boats.
For boats 24' and larger, 3 Hangtytes work best (one in the bow, and two in the cockpit).